Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 Book to Movie Reading Challenge

The Book to Movie challenge I did the last few years was ended early last year because of a lack of participation.  Another blog decided to create a new challenge for this format.  I will try for Level 1B. Click link to sign up and see more details.

Gather Together and Read

According to my internet searching, it seems that there are over 30 books being made into movies this year. That seemed like a fairly accurate amount, but I'm sure there could be more. For this challenge, I'm going to go with that number. However, challenge participants are welcome to present any new ones they find for consideration.

Here is what I am reading:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Older I Get...

...the more something like a birthday becomes meaningless. To me, mine (which was yesterday) was just another reminder  that I'm just getting older. Having been sick, as well as going through foul weather where I live didn't put me in much of a celebratory mode. But I got plenty well wishes on Facebook yesterday. And when I let the others at the center I attend and work at know yesterday, they sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Still I wish I could have had an "extra-special day" somehow.

I’m Not Getting Old I’m Getting Better – Birthday Quote | Birthday | Forward this Picture

Yes, I have heard this phrase before.  And as I came home from my psychiatrist appointment today I wondered, "Better at what?" I still have feelings of inferiority, thinking others have had things better than I have. Yesterday, I began to feel that writing a memoir wasn't a good idea if you're not famous, even though I've been working on it nearly a year now.  Just more depression setting in.

I'm feeling OK now, I guess I can say.

How do birthdays come to you as you get older?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Horror Reading Challenge

I was pretty sure I was done signing up for challenges until I learned the Horror Challenge is on again by a new host blog. Right now, I'll shoot for the first level, but will see if I can go over. Sign up here.

First of all are the Challenge Badges, which you will win by completing the highest number of books for that level. I will list them below and they will be e-mailed to you at the conclusion of the challenge.


Neophyte of Coolthulhu’s Temple:  Read and review 1-7 horror books to receive the Neophyte badge

Initiate of Coolthulhu’s Temple:     Read and review 8-15 horror books to receive the Initiate badge

Oracle of Coolthulhu’s Temple:       Read and review 20-25 horror books to receive the Oracle  badge

MYSTERY BADGE     Read and review 50+ horror books in the 2017 Horror Reading Challenge to receive a special Coolthulhu-approved badge demonstrating your tentacle-awesomeness.

Here is what I am reading:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gradually Getting Back Into the Mode

Having been sick for the first days of the new year has kept me from getting into my writing and blogging, but now I'm getting better. Still coughing as of now, but gradually getting back into the mode.

I haven't gotten too far behind on my reading, though I haven't been able to finish my current  book as soon as I'd hoped (hoping by tomorrow). It's my second one for this year. As far as signing up for challenges goes, I think I may be done doing so now. There is still no word on the Nonfiction, Translation and Southern Challenges.  I enjoyed these ones, but if they don't get offered, then that's just fine with me. I keep seeing checklist challenges, but I really don't need anymore of those, as the categories just get repetitive. I'm already in several other challenges, so I think that will be enough.

Once I start feeling even better, I hope to get some info for the project idea I have been proposing for our art class and I want to find a recipe for on of our cooking days this month.

And I just got picked by the 2106 Full House Challenge to get a $30 Amazon gift card by e-mail. I guess this will be my birthday present:-)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Quiz: How Did Your Year Rate?

Yes, this is a bit accurate.  Getting  new computer, a new job and beginning writing my memoir--now those are what went well for me.

You Had an Average Year
While you had some setbacks, your year also brought some good things.
All in all, things mostly evened out. That's just how life works.
Focus on what went well for you - and what you can improve.
A new year is a perfect reason to give yourself a fresh start!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How I Began the New Year

I've not been yet posting because I had to start the new year off sick :( It seems to be going around  where I live. I had to reschedule my psychiatrist appointment originally for tomorrow for next Thursday.  It's been years since I've been sick like this and as always, being sick is no fun.  I'm hoping I'll be over it by next week.

How has everyone else's new year been so far? Is anyone else getting sick in their neck of the woods? If so, I hope you get better soon.

Once I get better, I will get back to blogging and trying to write.  Over Christmas vacation, I bought the story cubes mentioned in this post at Walgreen's.  Meanwhile, I've just finished my first book of the year and have just begun reading another. Maybe I'll try writing in my notebook in bed.  I have the feeling I won't make it to work on Friday.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Year in Reading

I just finished my last book of this year and finished up my last two reading challenges. I have been signing up for several challenges for next year and am waiting do see if the following are offered next year:  Books in Translation, Southern Lit, and Nonfiction (all at this blog). I did a different nonfiction challenge this year, but the blog for that one has been deleted. The same was true for a feminist reading challenge I did this past year. No word either on the Eclectic Challenge that has been offered by this blog, or the Gothic one started by this one last year.  If none of these are offered, so be it, but maybe there will be something similar to each of these. We'll see. It remains to be seen how many more I'll sign up for, though I have seen some I've not been interested in doing.

Here is how many books and pages I read this year, from Goodreads:


Img totallargem 2x


My longest and shortest books of the year:

Llama Llama Sand and Sun by Anna Dewdney
Img ruler 3x
10 pages
Llama Llama Sand and Sun
943 pages
The Pillars of the Earth

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

people also read
To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Img temp desktop 2x
person also read
Wolf Dreamer of the Longest Nigh...

By far my favorite of the year was (If I ever decide to re-read something, this will be one of them, if not the only one). This was very relatable to me. Those who have been reading my blog this past year will that this book inspired me to write my own story of depression and getting onto Prozac. Still working on it; in February, it will be a year since I started.

Prozac Nation

My first read for 2017 will be determined tomorrow.